Message to Sponsors

Over the past 20 years, Mount Hawthorn Primary School has hosted a bi-annual Community Fair. Not only does the Community Fair assist in raising funds for projects outside of Department of Education funding, but brings together the community to relax, connect and enjoy the afternoon. The Community Fair will include a blend of paid and free activities catering to the diverse community. Approximately 3,000 people attended both the 2015 and 2013 Community Fair. With increased promotion in 2017, we anticipate even more attendees.

Sponsors benefit from the exposure of their brand and services to the local community. The Mount Hawthorn community and City of Vincent as a whole are known for their strong sense of community, their activism to do the right thing and their support of the local business.  There are many levels of sponsorship from Booth Sponsors on through to Corporate Sponsors. To learn more, click here to download the Sponsorship Brochure.

Key projects that will benefit from funds raised at the Community Fair:

  • Introduction and support of STEAM in students’ formative learning years
  • Increasing language skills through new evidence-based techniques
  • Creating outdoor learning spaces to enhance learning and improve wellbeing