Second Hand Style

Second Hand Style” offers a selection of premium quality second hand clothing, shoes and accessories for children, and adults. Get to “second Hand Style” early to snap up the best designer items at bargain prices!

Dress Up Box

The Dress Up Box is Back!
We have Halloween, Harmony Day, Book Week and any other dress up occasion sorted for you!
From Pre Loved to Hand Made we have the lot, I am sure you will find something within your budget.

Bead It

Just BEAD IT! – A one stop necklace or bracelet making shop. Come and choose your own beads to make into a beautiful one of a kind necklace or bracelet. We have a large selection of bright and colourful wooden beads to work with.

Happy Hampers

No one misses out at our stall!! However, you got to be in it to win it!! So grab your hands on some tickets to win one or more of our ‘Happy Hamper’s’ $2 a ticket or $5 for 3 tickets. Hamper’s for the whole family to enjoy!!!

Crazy Crabs

Fabulous in their natural shells or hand painted designs crazy crabs make marvellous pets. Available in various sizes and sourced in Western Australia, they’re terrific additions to any home.  We have all the accessories you need to get started with small and medium portable plastic tanks and starter kits.  Or if you’re not keen on taking home a new pet you can buy one of the beautiful natural or painted shells.

Pets that don’t poop

Handmade glass animal bead pets and fabric pets by Sondra Tate. She makes one of a kind animal beads for kids and adults.  They are made from Effetre Glass and are all annealed in a kiln for maximum strength.  You can use them for jewellery, charms, craft or in a small dollshouse. Or simply as a little pet.